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Felling/Tree Removal: cutting the tree at the base and cutting it down in one section - requires lots of space.

Sectional Felling: cutting the tree down from the top in numerous sections - typically used when space is limited.

Crown Lifting: removing the lower limbs back to the main trunk - often used to give clearance or to improve access.

Crown Thinning: removing a percentage of branches to reduce the weight in the canopy and increase sun light.

Crown Reduction: prunning the branches back to growth points all over the canopy to reduce the size of the crown.

Dead Wood Removal: removing dead and dying limbs fromt the crown - reduces risk of falling dead branches.

Pollarding: Pruning back branches to the primary limbs or main trunk depending on species.

Dead, Dying or Dangerous tree removal: high priority tree removal - often undertaken using a MEWP.

Hedge Trimming & Reduction: different species allow for different levels of trimming and reduction. Please ask!

Tree & Hedge Planting: contact us to discuss your requirements.

TPO / Conservation Area Applications: All work to trees with TPO's or those in conservation areas legally require an application to the council to request permission.

Stump Grinding: using a stump grinder stumps are ground typically 8 to 10 inches below ground level.

Logging: wood cut into specification - usually 8 - 10 inch slices and stacked.

Wood chipping: processing branches up to 6 inches in diameter into wood chippings - great for weed surpression, mulch, footpaths and boarders etc. 


If you are unsure which operation you require please let us know and we will advise you appropriately.

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